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Light Up Productions Team

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Kate Thumwood
Producer, Director and Musical Director

As a producer, Director, Actress, Musician, Qualified Teacher and Life Coach, I am confident in my qualifications to work with people of all ages and abilities. I ensure that I maximise every opportunity to develop every performers unique skills, while creating a safe and nurturing environment. I have over 17 years of experience teaching for the Education Department, and working with youth and producing musicals is one of my favourite things to do!


Inspiring performers to have pride on stage and hold themselves to a high standard while building their confidence is very important to me. I do not accept any form of negativity in my performance space, and I always make sure that students leave my productions feeling enriched and ensure that they leave as a better and more confident performer who loves the stage as much as I do.

My Team



My team are equally passionate and have some amazing qualifications themselves. I am honoured to work with each and everyone of these wonderful humans who are passionate, reliable, and highly successful in the industry. 


So why choose Light-Up Productions? Your child will not only get small classes of 20 with guaranteed roles on stage! Every cast member will learn skills and techniques in acting, singing, and dancing from qualified teachers at exceptional prices in a safe learning environment! You will perform PROFESSIONAL performances with PROFESSIONAL costumes, props and set on a PROFESSIONAL stage! You will have experience in professional settings! You will have access to work with professional actors and musicians! You will have amazing performance and network opportunities! Finally, and most important, you will be part of a wonderful community of performers who love being on stage and put everything into their performance as there are only 20 places per cast and only 2 casts! It is elite and places are limited so we only take the BEST OF THE BEST, so you are guaranteed excellence in every show!


It has been a long-term dream to create my own production company, so 'Light-Up Productions' is a very exciting venture which will give youth theatre a very exciting opportunity to perform in the community, which is where one of my passions lie. I will also be Producing more children’s productions throughout the year as well as a larger scale production in 2023 – so watch this space! Adult productions will be on the horizon, so parents I hope you would like to be part of our family too!

Izzi Green  

Izzi is 18 years old and has been performing her whole life. She has performed in too many shows to mention however her most recent roles include Little Mermaid at Crown Theatre with HAMA Productions and Legally Blonde at Regal Theatre. Izzi has just completed her Certificate IV in Musical Theatre at APAN and and incredible triple threat! Watch this space to see her up on lights is all I can say! She is an incredible choreographer and her diligence and professionalism is to be thoroughly recommended.


Romony Beams
Drama Teacher, Administration, Costume Designer, Props and Set Designer and Backstage crew

Romony is a Primary and Drama trained Teacher and has always loved theatre from a young age. Her passion for teaching is evident through her connection with children and her future career will see her go far in education. She has a beautiful voice and natural stage presence and jumps anywhere she is needed. She has a bright and engaging personality that children radiate to making them feel safe and ready to learn and her bubbly energy and enthusiasm inspires her students to jump on stage and shine.  

Cindy Veza
Administration, Costume Designer, Props and Set Designer and Backstage crew

Cindy loves working with children and worked at a local primary school for years organising the schools canteen, P & C, events and volunteering her time endlessly. Cindys organisational skills in her position at the school has ensured the schools events were highly successful and linked with her skills of management, finance and fine fashion sense and creativity she will make an excellent Costume Designer and Administrative officer. Cindy also has a Certificate IV in Floristry and a flair for creativity. She sews, paints and makes so many amazing projects that we are completely blessed to have her on board to make our set AMAZING!!! What a gem we have!


Nyree Scott
 Administration, Costume Designer, Props and Set Designer and Backstage crew

Nyree has been an absolute blessing assisting across the boarding in ensuring that all the children had beautiful costumes and sourcing magnificent attire from external locations. Not only did she help tirelessly in Little Mermaid but also in Kate’s production of Annie being and integral part of the Back Stage crew. She is an absolute asset to any production, and we are so lucky to have her.

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